Sunday, July 23, 2006

Buy some stuff from the MY LIVING DEAD GIRL SHOP....

Buy some stuff from the My Living Dead Girl Shop OR I give BUB the Zombie your home phone number! Nobody likes a telemarketer calling them at an Ungodlily hour.

Especially a Zombie Telemarketer! They're relentless! I'm going to give BUB your home phone number, if you don't buy some stuff right now from the My Living Dead Girl Shop!

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One pin can make the difference between a quite evening at home or this happening to you....

"Ring! Ring! Ring!"

You: " Um, Hello?"

Zombie Telemarketer: "Gak! gurgle...gurgle...Feck Raz Guk!"

You: "Who is this?"

Zombie Telemarketer: "Rak! gurgle...gurgle.....Gak! Glugh GUK!!"

You: "I really don't want to change my phone service to Verizon."

Zombie Telemarketer: "Guck! Rak! Gk! gurgle...gurgle guck!"

You: "I'm not interested in saving 10% on all foreign calls."

Zombie Telemarketer: "Guk! gurgle...gurgle...Feck!"

You: "No thank you. Goodbye." ( CLICK! )

Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring!

You: "Hello?"

Zombie Telemarketer: "Gak! gurgle...gurgle...feck Raz Guk!"

You: "I told you I'm NOT interested! Please leave me alone!" ( SLAM! )

Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring!

You: "YES?"

Zombie Telemarketer: "Gak! gurgle...gurgle...feck Raz Guk!"

You: "Oh My GOD! Help Me!"

Head over to the My Living Dead Girl Shop Now or old BUB starts dialing!

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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Happy Gak-Day!

I did this special Happy Birthday E-card for people on my friends list on My If your on My Space and want one sent to you, Just send me a friends request on My Space and you can get a birthday greeting from Courtney the My Living Dead Girl herself.


Friday, July 14, 2006

The Amazing Screw-On Head is Here!

I just saw The Amazing Screw-On Head at the Sci-fi channels website. It's based on HELLBOY creator Mike Mignola's comic The Amazing Screw-on Head. Paul Giamatti is the voice of our hero "Screw-on Head" and Davd Hyde Pierce is the voice of the villainous "Emperor Zombie". Great stuff. It looks like Mignola's work come to life. Please check it out. Take the survey. GAK!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Autograph from a Real Living Dead Girl!

Hey GAK! Fans,

I won a cool autographed photo of The Ultimate Living Dead Girl herself, Kyra Schon on Ebay this week! She played Karen Cooper in Night of the Living Dead. She's the little girl who is bitten by a zombie, dies, raises again as an undead and attacks her mother with a garden trowel in the cellar. The most famous scene in the movie! I found her website The Ghoul Next Door and thought you might enjoy. Now I have to get a frame for this baby and put it up.