Tuesday, May 23, 2006


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My very good friend David B Levy has a new book out.
Your Career in Animation: How to Survive and Thrive It's a great guide on how to get into animation and staying alive in a very competitive business. I was interviewed for the book a few month's ago and was amazed by the people Dave got to interview. If you really want to know the inner workings of the animation industry, pick this book up now at:
Only $12.97



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I found this Flash cartoon online today. Very, very funny. Check it out.

Now in.... BUN-O-VISION!



Sunday, May 21, 2006

My top 10 favorite Zombie movies of all time! Part: 1

Here's my top 10 favorite zombie films of all time. This is going to take some time, so lets do 10 through 6 first.

#10 - DAWN OF THE DEAD (2004)

Look out! Running Zombies! Hate them or love them, this was the ONLY thing that made this film any fun to watch. Sarah Polley is good. Ving Rhames makes his dialogue work. The beginning starts out great with Polley's husband being attacked by a savage zombie girl. He dies and comes back in a matter of minutes and attacks Polley who runs for her life. Classic. The opening music by Johnny Cash "The Man Comes Around" is perfect. The images during the titles of the world collapsing is scary stuff. Then they get to the mall and everything goes down hill. The only time it gets interesting is the zombie baby scene. The ended falls flat to. It seems they really didn't have an ending ready when they were filming. If you watch the end credits you see what happens to the group that escaped, but I think it's a cop out. You show us what happens during the end credits? Not Cool! People would sit for another 10 minutes to see what happens. ONE great thing about this film is that it made people interested in zombies again. Paving the way for George Romero to make LAND OF THE DEAD.

Best Line:

"So what's the bad news?"

#9 - RESIDENT EVIL (2002)

Ok, I know it's a video game movie, but it's a fun video game movie. Paul W.S Anderson is not a great director, but he does keep the film close to the original material. An accident in a secret underground complex, zombies, mutants, zombie dogs, a master computer gone nuts and of course....Milla Jovovich running around shooting stuff is fun. Michelle Rodriguez plays her BEST Michelle Rodriguez ever! Great if you've never seen it. Fun if it's been awhile.

Best Line:

"You're all going to die down here."

#8 - 28 DAYS LATER (2003)

They're not really zombies, but they're REALLY F*cking scary! Danny Boyle takes the zombie concept and puts it into a whole new world. A virus called RAGE is released and everyone who comes in contact with the infected's blood or is bitten becomes a crazed freak in seconds. Cillian Murphy is great as the man who wakes up from a coma to find the world, he knew is gone. Fun chase scenes through the empty streets of London. The ending is a little strange with Murphy becoming a Super commando taking out a group of soldiers. But it's a intensely scary flick that keeps you on your toes.

Best Line:


#7 - LAND OF THE DEAD (2005)

The Master is back! George A. Romero returns with a bang! Out of all the DEAD films, this sadly is my lest favorite. I guess I wanted to see more of the class separation from the people living on the street and the people living in "Fiddler's Green. But, you get great Romero dialogue and a battle truck called "Dead Reckoning" so you can't go wrong. John Leguizamo is fantastic. Will there be sequel? Don't really know, but Romero said he wouldn't want to do it. Maybe the Dead will speak in the next film? The great master of make up Tom Savini makes a cameo as a zombie biker from Dawn of the Dead. GAK!

Best Line:

"Zombies, they creep me out."


A really great remake of the original film by George A. Romero. This ones directed by Tom Savini the master make-up artist for the original Dead films. This is a very faithful to the original story. "Who cares." You say,"I'll watch the original." You need to see this versions ending, which is completely new and takes on a stronger message in the end. Race and the dead come together. Patrica Tallman is great as a "fighting back" Barbara. Tony Todd is powerful as Ben.

Best Line:
"They're us. We're them and they're us."

Next week the top 5.

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Friday, May 19, 2006

Courtney Davers in the Rotten flesh!

GAK there folks,

Here's Courtney's model sheet. Enjoy!


Tuesday, May 16, 2006


GAK there folks,

Some of you know that I'm a really Big Comic Geek. I've been in love with these monthly periodicals, since I was a small geek. Spiderman, Batman and Superman were and still are some of my favorites. But of late, my taste has shifted to other things. For the last year and a half, I've have been a fan of one particular book, The Walking Dead . It is the creation of Robert Kirkman, writer of Marvel Team-up, Invincible and Battle Poe. The premise is simple. An ongoing black and white series, about a small group of survivors in a world that is overrun with the undead. Kirkman asked the question. What happen to the living people at the end of a zombie movie? Where did they go? Is it safe now? Did they meet other survivors?

A comicbook format is perfect to answer these questions. Kirkman's characters are fantastic. They are flesh and blood people you care about. They're not just fodder for the zombie hordes to pick off one by one, but characters who struggle with themselves, the people around them and of course the undead.

Here's the Publishers Weekly Review For THE WALKING DEAD:

Taking a well-worn genre—flesh-eating zombies overrun the world and the unlucky surviving humans must deal with the gruesome aftermath—and approaching it from a purely character-driven point of view propels this series into the spotlight from out of nowhere. This collection of the first six issues of the ongoing series opens with police officer Rick Grimes awakening from a gunshot-induced coma. From here, he's immediately dragged into a world where dangerous revenants are shambling amok without any sort of an explanation. From the moment Grimes comes to, it's a harrowing battle to avoid hordes of decomposing zombies and a hope-against-all-odds search for his missing family. Grimes makes his way to Atlanta, the nearest large city where there may be other living people, and events take several unexpected turns upon his arrival, as he meets up with a rural encampment of survivors. Of course, as in recent hit movies 28 Days Later... and Dawn of the Dead, the last humans may turn out to be as much a danger as the zombies. Forceful scripting that gives the book a strong grounding in reality, crisp b&w artwork, a shocking final sequence and brisk, gory proceedings elevate this book from the trash heap of pedestrian horror comics.

The art is amazing! Beautiful Black & White work by Tony Moore who worked on the book for the first story arc. Issues #1 through #6. Then Charlie Adlard came in at issue #7 and has been on the book ever since.

Well, enough of my yaking. Give the book a chance. Check out The Walking Dead. You'll love it. If not let me know why.



Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Why are these Zombies smiling?

Because they went to the My Living Dead Girl Shop and bought themselves My Living Dead Girl exclusive merchandise. Now they're cool looking Zombies! Don't let the undead make you look un-cool! Head over to the My Living Dead Girl Shop pick up your My Living Dead Girl merchandise. Get T-shirts, Hats, Mugs, Wall Clocks, Pins and Even Thongs!

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Monday, May 08, 2006

Welcome to GAK NEWS! The My Living Dead Girl Blog!

Hey Everybody! Welcome to GAK NEWS! This blog is for people interested in the making of my web comic "My Living Dead Girl". You'll find out how I put a strip together and see artwork that you wouldn't see on the main site. It's going to be a "Behind-the-scenes" kind of blog. I've also started working on a short "My Living Dead Girl" animated film, called "Eulogy for a Salesman". You'll get updates, as the production moves forward. Also, I'll be writing about films, comics, art and television shows, as time go's on.

Here's some stuff, you might like. A character model sheet for Courtney's mother "Carol Davers"

Also, a background of Courtney's bedroom. Both where designed in Photoshop CS.

Till next time,