Tuesday, May 16, 2006


GAK there folks,

Some of you know that I'm a really Big Comic Geek. I've been in love with these monthly periodicals, since I was a small geek. Spiderman, Batman and Superman were and still are some of my favorites. But of late, my taste has shifted to other things. For the last year and a half, I've have been a fan of one particular book, The Walking Dead . It is the creation of Robert Kirkman, writer of Marvel Team-up, Invincible and Battle Poe. The premise is simple. An ongoing black and white series, about a small group of survivors in a world that is overrun with the undead. Kirkman asked the question. What happen to the living people at the end of a zombie movie? Where did they go? Is it safe now? Did they meet other survivors?

A comicbook format is perfect to answer these questions. Kirkman's characters are fantastic. They are flesh and blood people you care about. They're not just fodder for the zombie hordes to pick off one by one, but characters who struggle with themselves, the people around them and of course the undead.

Here's the Publishers Weekly Review For THE WALKING DEAD:

Taking a well-worn genre—flesh-eating zombies overrun the world and the unlucky surviving humans must deal with the gruesome aftermath—and approaching it from a purely character-driven point of view propels this series into the spotlight from out of nowhere. This collection of the first six issues of the ongoing series opens with police officer Rick Grimes awakening from a gunshot-induced coma. From here, he's immediately dragged into a world where dangerous revenants are shambling amok without any sort of an explanation. From the moment Grimes comes to, it's a harrowing battle to avoid hordes of decomposing zombies and a hope-against-all-odds search for his missing family. Grimes makes his way to Atlanta, the nearest large city where there may be other living people, and events take several unexpected turns upon his arrival, as he meets up with a rural encampment of survivors. Of course, as in recent hit movies 28 Days Later... and Dawn of the Dead, the last humans may turn out to be as much a danger as the zombies. Forceful scripting that gives the book a strong grounding in reality, crisp b&w artwork, a shocking final sequence and brisk, gory proceedings elevate this book from the trash heap of pedestrian horror comics.

The art is amazing! Beautiful Black & White work by Tony Moore who worked on the book for the first story arc. Issues #1 through #6. Then Charlie Adlard came in at issue #7 and has been on the book ever since.

Well, enough of my yaking. Give the book a chance. Check out The Walking Dead. You'll love it. If not let me know why.



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