Monday, May 08, 2006

Welcome to GAK NEWS! The My Living Dead Girl Blog!

Hey Everybody! Welcome to GAK NEWS! This blog is for people interested in the making of my web comic "My Living Dead Girl". You'll find out how I put a strip together and see artwork that you wouldn't see on the main site. It's going to be a "Behind-the-scenes" kind of blog. I've also started working on a short "My Living Dead Girl" animated film, called "Eulogy for a Salesman". You'll get updates, as the production moves forward. Also, I'll be writing about films, comics, art and television shows, as time go's on.

Here's some stuff, you might like. A character model sheet for Courtney's mother "Carol Davers"

Also, a background of Courtney's bedroom. Both where designed in Photoshop CS.

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