Thursday, December 28, 2006

The End of My Living Dead Girl?

Hello My Living Dead Girl Fans,

The End of MY LIVING DEAD GIRL you say? No, no not "THE END". This weeks special episode of A NEW LIFE is going to be the last episode you'll see for 7 weeks. The strip is going on hiatus.


Well, my wife and I have had our 1st child ( HUGO ) on January 3rd and I want to spend some time being a father. Diaper changes, 3am feedings and drool! It will be a blast! There will be All NEW strips starting on Friday March 3rd. Please be diligent GAK-A-TEERS and take the time to look over some of the older strips. I've made some small changes to ALL of them. NO! I didn't go crazy on them like George Lucas did to the original Star Wars films. I just did little stuff, like backgrounds and lighting. Gave them more of a darker feeling. I think the strips looks better and are now constant. Tell me what you think.

So thats, that GAK FANS. See you in 11 weeks for episode 4 of 3rd Period of the Damned!



Tuesday, December 26, 2006

And the winner is.......

The winner of the 2006 GOLDEN COURTNEY AWARD for GAK-A-TEER of the YEAR! is....

Derek M from Alberta, Canada! HUZZAH! GAK!

Derek has been the ultimate GAK-A-TEER. He's done postings on his blog My Alberta Adventure about My Living Dead Girl, gotten many people to vote for the site on Top-site-list as the Top Zombie website in the world and even picked up a My Living Dead Girl Hooded Sweatshirt for his birthday at the My Living Dead Girl Shop. I can't thank him enough for all he's done. Con-GAK-ulations Derek! You're a true GAK-A-TEER!


Monday, December 25, 2006


Head over to the My Living Dead Girl Shop and pick up your 2007 MY LIVING DEAD GIRL CALENDAR! A Beautiful black & white image of Courtney having a little snack. Start the NEW YEAR with your favorite zombie girl! It's only 6 Bucks!

Click on the image below:

Check out other NEW stuff at the My Living Dead Girl Shop!


Thursday, December 21, 2006

Who will be "GAK-A-TEER of the YEAR?"


It's time for the GAK-A-TEER of the YEAR Award! That's right! The 1st ever "GOLDEN COURTNEY"!

The 1st "Golden Courtney" will go to a GAK-A-TEER who has true GAK in their gut for My Living Dead Girl! A GAK-A-TEER who has a small space in their heart for a lonely little undead girl. Sniff.

Since I can't afford to make a solid gold statue of Courtney, I'm giving out a My Living Dead Girl Clock, Autographed by me + a fresh AA battery. It's the best I can do on animators salary.

Only one of these 5 GAK-A-TEERS will win!

The Nominees are....

Paul C from Durham, USA

Vanessa C from Germany

Alex L from Brooklyn, USA

Derek M from Alberta, Canada

Mike M from Queens, USA

Who will be the lucky MY LIVING DEAD GIRL FAN to receive this coveted prize? Who will win the 1st "Golden Courtney"?

Come back here on December 29th to find out!