Thursday, December 21, 2006

Who will be "GAK-A-TEER of the YEAR?"


It's time for the GAK-A-TEER of the YEAR Award! That's right! The 1st ever "GOLDEN COURTNEY"!

The 1st "Golden Courtney" will go to a GAK-A-TEER who has true GAK in their gut for My Living Dead Girl! A GAK-A-TEER who has a small space in their heart for a lonely little undead girl. Sniff.

Since I can't afford to make a solid gold statue of Courtney, I'm giving out a My Living Dead Girl Clock, Autographed by me + a fresh AA battery. It's the best I can do on animators salary.

Only one of these 5 GAK-A-TEERS will win!

The Nominees are....

Paul C from Durham, USA

Vanessa C from Germany

Alex L from Brooklyn, USA

Derek M from Alberta, Canada

Mike M from Queens, USA

Who will be the lucky MY LIVING DEAD GIRL FAN to receive this coveted prize? Who will win the 1st "Golden Courtney"?

Come back here on December 29th to find out!



Anonymous said...

Hey! Cool! And I'm the only Canadian, eh? Thanks for thinking of me, Jason. Have a merry Christmas! And you too, Courtney! I hope your stocking gets filled with the yummiest of body parts...

Jason McDonald said...

She'll be getting plenty of fresh brains! Merry Christmas! GAK!