Thursday, December 28, 2006

The End of My Living Dead Girl?

Hello My Living Dead Girl Fans,

The End of MY LIVING DEAD GIRL you say? No, no not "THE END". This weeks special episode of A NEW LIFE is going to be the last episode you'll see for 7 weeks. The strip is going on hiatus.


Well, my wife and I have had our 1st child ( HUGO ) on January 3rd and I want to spend some time being a father. Diaper changes, 3am feedings and drool! It will be a blast! There will be All NEW strips starting on Friday March 3rd. Please be diligent GAK-A-TEERS and take the time to look over some of the older strips. I've made some small changes to ALL of them. NO! I didn't go crazy on them like George Lucas did to the original Star Wars films. I just did little stuff, like backgrounds and lighting. Gave them more of a darker feeling. I think the strips looks better and are now constant. Tell me what you think.

So thats, that GAK FANS. See you in 11 weeks for episode 4 of 3rd Period of the Damned!



Tuesday, December 26, 2006

And the winner is.......

The winner of the 2006 GOLDEN COURTNEY AWARD for GAK-A-TEER of the YEAR! is....

Derek M from Alberta, Canada! HUZZAH! GAK!

Derek has been the ultimate GAK-A-TEER. He's done postings on his blog My Alberta Adventure about My Living Dead Girl, gotten many people to vote for the site on Top-site-list as the Top Zombie website in the world and even picked up a My Living Dead Girl Hooded Sweatshirt for his birthday at the My Living Dead Girl Shop. I can't thank him enough for all he's done. Con-GAK-ulations Derek! You're a true GAK-A-TEER!


Monday, December 25, 2006


Head over to the My Living Dead Girl Shop and pick up your 2007 MY LIVING DEAD GIRL CALENDAR! A Beautiful black & white image of Courtney having a little snack. Start the NEW YEAR with your favorite zombie girl! It's only 6 Bucks!

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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Who will be "GAK-A-TEER of the YEAR?"


It's time for the GAK-A-TEER of the YEAR Award! That's right! The 1st ever "GOLDEN COURTNEY"!

The 1st "Golden Courtney" will go to a GAK-A-TEER who has true GAK in their gut for My Living Dead Girl! A GAK-A-TEER who has a small space in their heart for a lonely little undead girl. Sniff.

Since I can't afford to make a solid gold statue of Courtney, I'm giving out a My Living Dead Girl Clock, Autographed by me + a fresh AA battery. It's the best I can do on animators salary.

Only one of these 5 GAK-A-TEERS will win!

The Nominees are....

Paul C from Durham, USA

Vanessa C from Germany

Alex L from Brooklyn, USA

Derek M from Alberta, Canada

Mike M from Queens, USA

Who will be the lucky MY LIVING DEAD GIRL FAN to receive this coveted prize? Who will win the 1st "Golden Courtney"?

Come back here on December 29th to find out!


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Vote For Courtney! GAK!

Howdy, My Living Dead Girl Fans!
It's election time and I'm asking for your support. I'm asking every single fan of My Living Dead Girl to vote for the strip on as the TOP Zombie Site in the WORLD! The site has made it up to the 4th position, but we can do better! Being at the top will help My Living Dead Girl get more viewers and maybe even get people to buy stuff at the My Living Dead Girl Shop. Please take the time to vote. It will cost you nothing. You don't have to sign up for anything. Just your time pushing a few buttons. You'll feel great about spreading the infection, that is My Living Dead Girl. Where else can you get a FREE quality zombie webcomic that grabs you by the neck and bites deep into your flesh week after week?

My Living Dead Girl that's where!

Click on the banner below and do your civic duty. Courtney needs your vote now!

Thank you and God bless all the Zombie hordes that roam the world!


Friday, September 15, 2006

NEW Tony Moore Zombie T-Shirt! GAK!

I got a really cool T-Shirt Today! Tony "Zombie Artist God" Moore has them over at his site head over and buy one before the undead hordes take them all! GAK!

Friday, August 18, 2006

My Living Dead Girl School Days!

Hey There My Living Dead Girl Fans.! I've been working REALLY hard on upcoming episode 5: 3RD PERIOD OF THE DAMNED and episode 6: AFTER SCHOOL BLOODBATH. I thought I'd share with you some things that are coming up. Episodes 5 and 6 deal with Courtney at her school, called RESURRECTION ACADEMY so I've been designing LOTS of school kids, classrooms and playgrounds. A very large task to draw 20 to 30 Boys and Girls and make them all different from each other. I'm cheating on a few. Changing heads and bodies. Also backgrounds are killing me, but I won't have to draw them again in the future when we come back to a school story line. Anyway enjoy and keep writing me with remarks about the strip. Love it or hate it, I will try to answer all your questions as they come. Best & GAK!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Buy some stuff from the MY LIVING DEAD GIRL SHOP....

Buy some stuff from the My Living Dead Girl Shop OR I give BUB the Zombie your home phone number! Nobody likes a telemarketer calling them at an Ungodlily hour.

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You: " Um, Hello?"

Zombie Telemarketer: "Gak! gurgle...gurgle...Feck Raz Guk!"

You: "Who is this?"

Zombie Telemarketer: "Rak! gurgle...gurgle.....Gak! Glugh GUK!!"

You: "I really don't want to change my phone service to Verizon."

Zombie Telemarketer: "Guck! Rak! Gk! gurgle...gurgle guck!"

You: "I'm not interested in saving 10% on all foreign calls."

Zombie Telemarketer: "Guk! gurgle...gurgle...Feck!"

You: "No thank you. Goodbye." ( CLICK! )

Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring!

You: "Hello?"

Zombie Telemarketer: "Gak! gurgle...gurgle...feck Raz Guk!"

You: "I told you I'm NOT interested! Please leave me alone!" ( SLAM! )

Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring!

You: "YES?"

Zombie Telemarketer: "Gak! gurgle...gurgle...feck Raz Guk!"

You: "Oh My GOD! Help Me!"

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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Happy Gak-Day!

I did this special Happy Birthday E-card for people on my friends list on My If your on My Space and want one sent to you, Just send me a friends request on My Space and you can get a birthday greeting from Courtney the My Living Dead Girl herself.


Friday, July 14, 2006

The Amazing Screw-On Head is Here!

I just saw The Amazing Screw-On Head at the Sci-fi channels website. It's based on HELLBOY creator Mike Mignola's comic The Amazing Screw-on Head. Paul Giamatti is the voice of our hero "Screw-on Head" and Davd Hyde Pierce is the voice of the villainous "Emperor Zombie". Great stuff. It looks like Mignola's work come to life. Please check it out. Take the survey. GAK!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Autograph from a Real Living Dead Girl!

Hey GAK! Fans,

I won a cool autographed photo of The Ultimate Living Dead Girl herself, Kyra Schon on Ebay this week! She played Karen Cooper in Night of the Living Dead. She's the little girl who is bitten by a zombie, dies, raises again as an undead and attacks her mother with a garden trowel in the cellar. The most famous scene in the movie! I found her website The Ghoul Next Door and thought you might enjoy. Now I have to get a frame for this baby and put it up.


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A Background from "My Living Dead Girl"

Here's a BG that I did for an upcoming episode of My Living Dead Girl called "3rd Period of the Damned". The episode takes place at Courtney's private school. I found a picture online of Harvard university and decided to use it a reference for the front of Resurrection Academy.
I think it works for what I needed.


Thursday, June 08, 2006

Original Walking Dead Pages

Wanted to share this with you. I picked up some sweet art from The Walking Dead by Charlie Adlard on SPLASH PAGE ART. He's been working on The Walking Dead From issues #8 to #28. It's beautiful black & white work. Charlie has a really loose brush style and a great page design layout. Enjoy. GAK!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Help! They're coming to get GAK merchandise!

Look out! The undead are heading for the My Living Dead Girl Shop! They're going to grab all the T-shirts, Hats, Mugs, Mouse pads, Tote bags, Greeting cards, Stickers, Wall Clocks, Pins and even the Thongs! Stop them, before they ransack the store! Head over now to the My Living Dead Girl Shop before they do! Buy as much as you can and run for safety! They're almost here! Get going!

Show your love!

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My top 10 favorite zombie movies of all time! Part: 2

Here's my top 5 zombie films of all time.


Originally intended as a sequel to Night of the Living Dead Director Dan O'Bannon decided not to and do a new take on the undead. O'Bannon who was the writer for the film ALIEN creates a great horror/comedy story about a guy named Freddy on his first day at work in an army surplus store. He unwittingly releases a gas from an old secret U.S military canister. Causing the dead to raise and it also has a strange side effect on poor Freddy and his co worker. This film is a lot of fun. A great story about an accident that goes from bad, to worst, to horrible. You'll laugh out loud. Great to watch with friends late at night.

Best Line:

"Send more cops."

#4 - DAY OF THE DEAD (1985)

This is the 3rd film in the George A. Romero Dead trilogy. At first it just seems like rehashed stuff from the last film. People hiding in a military base instead of the mall, but the story takes on a new dimension when Dr. M. Logan ( Played wonderfully by Richard Liberty ) an insane Doctor who experiments on the dead. He wants to see if they can communicate and learn, even be tamed. Great performance by Sherman Howard plays Bud. A zombie who is part of Dr. Logan's experiments. He's one of the best characters in all of zombie film history. Sure you've got "Big Daddy" from LAND OF THE DEAD, but BUD was here first. A special nod to Tom Savini for some of the goriest effects make up ever on film. GAK!

Best Line:

"I hope you choke on them!"

#3 - DAWN OF THE DEAD (1978)

George A. Romero's 1978 Classic! Survivors trapped in a shopping mall as the zombie hordes mass outside, wanting to feed on the living inside and maybe do a little shopping. Great commentary by Romero on the consumers in us all. Great performances by Gaylen Ross, David Emge, Ken Foree and Scott H. Reinger. With a special cameo by the great Tom Savini as a leader of a biker gang. The Sound track by Gonk is brilliant.

Best Line:

"The people it kills, get up and kill!"

#2 - SHAUN OF THE DEAD (2004)

One of the best films of 2004. A romantic comedy with zombies. The story about a guy named Shaun (Simon Pegg) who trying to fix his relationship with his girlfriend and deal with his slob of a friend (Nick Frost) as the world being is taking over by zombies. Funny and original. Horror and comedy are a great mix. Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright wrote a really tight script. George A. Romeros loved the film so much he gave Simon and Edgar comeo's in LAND OF THE DEAD.

Best Line:

"You've got red on you."


The Best for last. George A. Romero's Masterpiece. It was ground breaking in story, shooting and budget. Romero was inspired by Richard Matheson's book "I Am Legend" But instead of one person alone fighting against vampires, he made it a group fighting the undead. Tension raises as they begin fighting each other. A fantastic look at social breakdown under pressure. Watch it late at night by yourself, it will scare the hell out of you. GAK!

Best Line:

"They're coming to get you Barbara."

Well, there they are. My top 10 favorites zombie films. What are yours? Post them.


Tuesday, May 23, 2006


GAK there,

My very good friend David B Levy has a new book out.
Your Career in Animation: How to Survive and Thrive It's a great guide on how to get into animation and staying alive in a very competitive business. I was interviewed for the book a few month's ago and was amazed by the people Dave got to interview. If you really want to know the inner workings of the animation industry, pick this book up now at:
Only $12.97



GAK there,

I found this Flash cartoon online today. Very, very funny. Check it out.

Now in.... BUN-O-VISION!



Sunday, May 21, 2006

My top 10 favorite Zombie movies of all time! Part: 1

Here's my top 10 favorite zombie films of all time. This is going to take some time, so lets do 10 through 6 first.

#10 - DAWN OF THE DEAD (2004)

Look out! Running Zombies! Hate them or love them, this was the ONLY thing that made this film any fun to watch. Sarah Polley is good. Ving Rhames makes his dialogue work. The beginning starts out great with Polley's husband being attacked by a savage zombie girl. He dies and comes back in a matter of minutes and attacks Polley who runs for her life. Classic. The opening music by Johnny Cash "The Man Comes Around" is perfect. The images during the titles of the world collapsing is scary stuff. Then they get to the mall and everything goes down hill. The only time it gets interesting is the zombie baby scene. The ended falls flat to. It seems they really didn't have an ending ready when they were filming. If you watch the end credits you see what happens to the group that escaped, but I think it's a cop out. You show us what happens during the end credits? Not Cool! People would sit for another 10 minutes to see what happens. ONE great thing about this film is that it made people interested in zombies again. Paving the way for George Romero to make LAND OF THE DEAD.

Best Line:

"So what's the bad news?"

#9 - RESIDENT EVIL (2002)

Ok, I know it's a video game movie, but it's a fun video game movie. Paul W.S Anderson is not a great director, but he does keep the film close to the original material. An accident in a secret underground complex, zombies, mutants, zombie dogs, a master computer gone nuts and of course....Milla Jovovich running around shooting stuff is fun. Michelle Rodriguez plays her BEST Michelle Rodriguez ever! Great if you've never seen it. Fun if it's been awhile.

Best Line:

"You're all going to die down here."

#8 - 28 DAYS LATER (2003)

They're not really zombies, but they're REALLY F*cking scary! Danny Boyle takes the zombie concept and puts it into a whole new world. A virus called RAGE is released and everyone who comes in contact with the infected's blood or is bitten becomes a crazed freak in seconds. Cillian Murphy is great as the man who wakes up from a coma to find the world, he knew is gone. Fun chase scenes through the empty streets of London. The ending is a little strange with Murphy becoming a Super commando taking out a group of soldiers. But it's a intensely scary flick that keeps you on your toes.

Best Line:


#7 - LAND OF THE DEAD (2005)

The Master is back! George A. Romero returns with a bang! Out of all the DEAD films, this sadly is my lest favorite. I guess I wanted to see more of the class separation from the people living on the street and the people living in "Fiddler's Green. But, you get great Romero dialogue and a battle truck called "Dead Reckoning" so you can't go wrong. John Leguizamo is fantastic. Will there be sequel? Don't really know, but Romero said he wouldn't want to do it. Maybe the Dead will speak in the next film? The great master of make up Tom Savini makes a cameo as a zombie biker from Dawn of the Dead. GAK!

Best Line:

"Zombies, they creep me out."


A really great remake of the original film by George A. Romero. This ones directed by Tom Savini the master make-up artist for the original Dead films. This is a very faithful to the original story. "Who cares." You say,"I'll watch the original." You need to see this versions ending, which is completely new and takes on a stronger message in the end. Race and the dead come together. Patrica Tallman is great as a "fighting back" Barbara. Tony Todd is powerful as Ben.

Best Line:
"They're us. We're them and they're us."

Next week the top 5.

See you,