Friday, August 18, 2006

My Living Dead Girl School Days!

Hey There My Living Dead Girl Fans.! I've been working REALLY hard on upcoming episode 5: 3RD PERIOD OF THE DAMNED and episode 6: AFTER SCHOOL BLOODBATH. I thought I'd share with you some things that are coming up. Episodes 5 and 6 deal with Courtney at her school, called RESURRECTION ACADEMY so I've been designing LOTS of school kids, classrooms and playgrounds. A very large task to draw 20 to 30 Boys and Girls and make them all different from each other. I'm cheating on a few. Changing heads and bodies. Also backgrounds are killing me, but I won't have to draw them again in the future when we come back to a school story line. Anyway enjoy and keep writing me with remarks about the strip. Love it or hate it, I will try to answer all your questions as they come. Best & GAK!


Fred said...

I clamor for a GN!

Jason McDonald said...

Sooon Fred. Soon. Getting it together for a book takes time. Hopefully by the end of the year there will be a Graphic novel.

Derek said...

Hey Jason! What's going on with the kitty? Courtney! Don't eat the kitty! According to the Dawn of the Dead remake, zombies don't eat animals...Or is that just dogs? They didn't try it with cats.

Anyway, I just read over at that there's another zombie movie project in the works called Living Dead Girl. When I saw the title I felt very happy for you as I thought that was pretty fast to get a movie deal on your idea. However, after reading the synopsis I came to the realization that this project in no way resembles yours except for the obvious inclusion of the living impaired. Quite a coincidence on the title, though. All they left out was the "my."

Oh, and my wife says it's an annoying habit I have for correcting other's grammar and spelling (which it is, I'm sure, but I gotta be me), but I had to say that it's "you're" not "your'e." That's the second panel on strip four of chapter three.

Oh, cripes! I am annoying!

Jo Bling said...


Loving MLDG, big fan and fellow zombologist. Anything with shambling dead schoolkids in gets my vote. Keep up the good work, mate!


Jason McDonald said...

Hey Derek, thanks for the catching the mistake. My wife is the one that does the proof reading on the strip and that one got through. All fixed! please let me know if one pops up again.

Yes the NEW Dawn of the Dead made the rule that zombies didn't eat anything but people. I'm more along the line of the Romero films. They eat ANYTHING that's alive, so keep them pets inside.

I did see the Aintitcool post and was shocked and then happy the film was called "Living Dead Girl". There was a film from 1982 called "The Living Dead Girl" and Rob Zombie has his song by the same name. One day I'll have the animated film short of "Eulogy for a Salesman"
Just started the storyboards for it. Hope to have it done by middle of next year. Keep reading, Courtney's going to be eating all kinds of things. GAK!

Craig said...


Love the cat storyline. I saw a guy with a t-shirt the other day that said: "I
love animals. They're tasty!"


Rocket From Mars said...

Hey J-man---
ONCE A WEEK!? ONCE A FREAK'N WEEK!!? Faster Pussycat Draw! Draw!
Rocket From Mars
ps I got a contest for you---figure out who this is and receive a bootleg dj remix of the Shaun Of The Dead OST

Jason McDonald said...

Robert M is that you? GAK!

Rocket From Mars said...

Damn! You're good J-Man. I owe you. Drop a line or give a call to get collect your prize.

Chicken lips O'Gabbious said...

Hey, can you add a nav feature so you can click on the page you want to see, instead of scrolling through all the pages to get to the latest? It will help those who follow along regularly.


Jason McDonald said...

Hey Chicken Lips,

This was something I was going to do on the new site, which will be done in Flash. But I'll do a new nav when you click on a chapter. Thanks for your suggestion. If you want to get a link right to the new strips, join the Gak-e-teers news letter. I send it out every friday morning. Send me you email address to: