Sunday, January 25, 2009

She's Back! GAK!

My Living Dead Girl is back and better then ever! After a whole year away Courtney Davers is finally GAK!... I mean Back! See the sites whole NEW look. Find out what happened to her after her deadly encounter with Edith Peel. Meet the newest family member to the Davers clan. All will be revealed in...

Chapter 7 : Dinner Remains


Meet the characters from My Living Dead Girl with a whole new feature on the about page: The Cast
Just click on the image to get info on a main character.

Check out all the NEW items to buy at the: My Living Dead Girl Shop
A NEW calendar! A NEW mouse pad! Posters! Wall clocks! And much much more!

Enjoy & GAK!


Rocket From Mars said...

About freakin' time! Where have you been? Exploring the Amazon or something?

Welcome back! A LOT of us have been eagerly waiting for this day!

Jason McDonald said...

Thanks. Good to be back!